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To sensatize the community in determining the status-quo, need, responsiveness and strategic for engagement


To be the best in parental care, nurturing, leading and equipping for education, attitude and skills

The primary goal of the project is to restore hope and provision of basic needs to orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya. Sama The Partakers Children’s Home care takes care of destitute, orphaned and abandoned children.


  • Nurturing and caring for the basic wants of orphans and disadvantaged children
  • Guidance and counselling for attitude and behavior change of the orphans and disadvantaged children, as they stay with their families or parents at will.
  • Protecting the well being of children in our village of Mtongwe and beyond
  • To exercise rights, participating and caring for the less fortunate children living with old mothers and guardians


1. To be involved in identification of orphans and disadvantaged children from age 5 years and above.
2. Guidance and counseling and recreation is another element for behavior and attitude change in the targeted child.
3. Involve the CBOs, NGOs, well-wishers and volunteer groups for support of the objectives.

Activity Proposals

1. Nutrition Programme
2. Guidance and Counseling
3. Health care
4. Supporting Activities

Our Team

Mercy Muga

Name: Mercy Muga

Mobile : +254 718 575 508

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Position Director

Salome Aluoch

Name: Salome Aluoch

Mobile : +254 710 744 688 | +254 733 765 323

Email Address :

Position Teacher


Please contact the team on the following numbers and email address.

P.O.Box: 1478 80100 Mombasa, Kenya
+254 733 765 323
+254 710 744 688