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Volunteering Opportunities

singVolunteers are crucial to our mission here at SAMA PARTAKERS! As a volunteer you may help with daily routines including helping with feeding and providing the additional love and care that these children need.

It takes a very special person to become a volunteer and if you’re reading this then you probably have got what it takes. The desire to help others, the ability to harness existing skills, the determination to try new areas of activity and, most crucially the belief that you can make a real, tangible difference to some of the world’s most desperate people. Every Team Sama the Partakers volunteer who helps Orphans in need is making an orphan or a widow’s life much easier – it’s a fact.

Attracted to finding out more? You’ve got three options:

Email your details and a short CV to

Call us on +254 733 765 323 / +254 710 744 688 and ask to speak to the Volunteer team

Or you can join a challenge

We’ll assess your application and send you a Volunteer Pack to get you started. As you’re a very special person you’re bound to have some very special friends. Why not get them involved as well and become a volunteer team?

Volunteers Needed

  • Teachers
  • ICT Teacher
  • Swimming Trainer
  • Librarian
  • Book Keeping
  • Artist
  • Counselling
  • Cooks
  • Sports Instructor

International Volunteers

Accommodation and food will be provided from the amount that you will provide based on the number of weeks of your stay.

Weeks Amount
1 $150
2 $250
3 $350
4 $450
5 $550
6 $650
7 $750


Please contact the team on the following numbers and email address.

P.O.Box: 1478 80100 Mombasa, Kenya
+254 733 765 323
+254 710 744 688

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